Image of The Clyde

The Clyde


Support your toothpick habit by keeping 'em in line and at your disposal. Ever kept toothpicks in your jeans pocket? It does no one any favors. The Clyde toothpick holder was made with convenience and style in mind. This product is named after my Grandfather, who never failed to have a toothpick in his coveralls. The leather used is a waxed pull-up leather that is distinctive in character and will wear well with age.

Keep in mind that all leather is unique, so no two hides will be the same. Some carry scars and brands, telling us tales of the hide's previous life. All of our leather is proudly sourced from various tanneries in the USA and every product with stitching is sent out the door hand stitched with waxed thread from Maine. We believe that you should own something worth keeping (or worthy enough to give!).

Image of The Clyde Image of The Clyde Image of The Clyde
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The Keeper
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The Evelyn
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The Scout
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