Image of The Workhorse Belt

The Workhorse Belt


The Workhorse. This belt is made by hand from 11-12 oz high quality Old World Harness leather cut directly from the hide and sized to fit you, not the masses.

The thickness of these belts are about four stacked quarters thick. The leather used for this particular belt hails from the world renown Hermann Oak tannery (est. 1861) just off the Mississippi in Saint Louis, Missouri (right here where we make them). They describe the hide best, stating that this particular leather is "traditional harness leather just like your grandfather probably used." This thing is an absolute workhorse and will outlast you.

We create all of our leather goods under the philosophy that the customer deserves to know exactly what goes into the product they're receiving. We use our own handmade conditioner with all natural ingredients on every piece of leather we send out the door. Believing in our work allows us to guarantee our leather goods for 50 years. If it breaks, we will either repair or replace it at no cost.

Each belt is customizable in sizes up to 50 inches. If a larger size is needed, send us a message and we will do our best to get you in the hardest working belt you'll own. Your belt size is NOT the same as your pant size. In order to have us make the right size for you, all you have to do is take a look at the last graphic in our photographs for further clarification.

All leather is not created equal, and the Old World Harness from which this particular belt is cut is one of a kind. It will gain a beautiful patina and will last long enough to pass down another generation. Some belts may have slight scarring, insect bites or brands. The unique nature of leather is what makes it so incredible. This only adds character and makes it truly yours over the course of many years of use.

Choose what color buckle (Antique Brass or Matte Nickel) at checkout. The belt has an interchangeable buckle. Just remove the screws with a flathead and swap for a 1.5 inch buckle of your choice.
If your belt starts looking dried out and dirty, we recommend picking up some saddle soap and following the directions on the tin.

Image of The Workhorse Belt Image of The Workhorse Belt Image of The Workhorse Belt